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Call of Booty

Have you ever thought how Call of Duty might look like if everyone way naked? You don’t have to think about it because Call of Booty is here! It’s a very cool online freemium game with gameplay that closely resembles the traditional Call of Duty. You’re leading a character who is parachuted into an unknown environment (this time it seems to be the mall) where NPCs will definitely attack you. But they’re simply too uptight and you need to get them naked with your magical gun. You can collect various items (I personally loved the exploding plush teddies) and bonuses which will help you get through the levels and the whole game is from your point of view. As said, it follows the original CoD style but it adds the sex slash porn element rather nicely.

Considering that the original game was pretty graphic, Call of Booty is surprisingly mild when it comes to violence; it might have to do something with its general idea “make love, not war” but I loved it. You need to get everyone naked and go on a love spree; I won’t reveal too much because it’s just so interesting and fun. All in all, a big plus!

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