Site Review


Affect 3D is a very cool site – it might not give you non-stop, all-sex enjoyment like huge tube sites, but it’s both entertaining and informative! The site presents various porn computer and mobile-based games as well as some comics; it’s an extremely useful site and I was really impressed with their offer, reviews, information provided as well as design. The detailed descriptions of every listed game are quite good and they’re also including every release and version, addition info like features (something akin to categories or tags), gender, release, format and year. In short, you can easily find some hot porn games and quickly scan the description, then decide if the game would work for you!

With more than a thousand comics, pin-ups and CG I think their future is pretty bright. Thread carefully, though, cause this is a premium site where you’ll have to pay for everything. If you want something free, check out their “free items” section for some comics and illustrations; it’s a good start to reel you in! Their design is very professional and the prices aren’t that high; as low as $5 for some games but comics can be quite pricey if you’re not paying attention. It’s something like a mix of review site and online store!

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