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Sexyfuckgames offers a ton of free browser based mini games. A tiny heads up for you who visit this website from your office, lower the volume down, you’ll thank me later. Anyway, the games are ridiculously fun and dynamic. There’re all sorts of games, starting with a cruise ship game where you pick the lock of a captain’s cabin and fuck your girlfriend in there.

There is also a Molly Cyrus game, obviously a parody about Miley Cyrus, and it’s pretty funny and fun… You’re the virtual embodiment of Miley Cyrus, you get some warnings from a police officer and then, 15 minutes later, you’re fucking your brains out in the limo, fucking hilarious. There’s honestly a bunch of great and funny games, you just need to search hard for them.

If you have a particular porn game in mind, there is a search bar in the left top corner of your screen, feel free to type in the name of the game there and hit search. Categories are also in the left middle corner of your screen, choose whichever you want and start searching for the best game for yourself. Don’t hesitate to visit, you’ll have a blast.

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