Site Review


Adult Games On is a fantastic site where you can find a ton of various adult games! I loved the fact that their design is so simple, Spartan and elegant – I didn’t have to dig through a bunch of menus and options to get what I want but rather found everything with a few clicks. They have, broadly speaking, 3 categories of porn games: 3D adult games, general porn games and Android games, plus a lot of 3D comics. All games can be downloaded right away and they do have a small description as well as all important technical info. Release date, version, genres, platforms supported, language, censorship level, even some screenshots from every game! You get all the important info before downloading the so you can make a good decision.

Their 3D comic section is also excellent – it’s not hentai but computer-animated 3D comics and I loved their style. All comics can be downloaded; I could hardly believe my luck. In fact, everything on their site can be downloaded so that’s a big plus. You need not become a member (there isn’t even an option) to enjoy in all this: just sit back, relax, install the games and have some fun!

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