Site Review


Novel Trove is a website geared towards those who want erotic stories that range from romance and true, to fetish and fictional. The site aims to give high-quality stories to everyone who has the passion for erotica. It’s a place where authors can share their writings and where readers can enjoy it.

It has a community of wonderful people who all share benefits of this website. You can rest assured that your privacy is safe there. There is no advertising, so you won’t be bothered by porn ads flying in your face on every page. You can read stories without registering, but if you register you can submit your own to the website. You can also join the forums where there are plenty of authors and readers that you can meet and interact with.

The site keeps it on the safe side of erotica and it doesn’t delve into bestiality, incest, underage, nor forced sex. It also doesn’t venture into any extreme practices so it’s a great place for people who aren’t comfortable with these categories to go to. There are thousands of stories which you can read sprinkled into many different categories. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

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