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Now here's something that you don't see that much nowadays. Most porno websites don't focus much on reading, but this one is all about it, and the stuff you can read about in here is much dirtier than the average porn you get to see on websites such as PornHub or Xvideos, it really is nice, but I'd say that this isn't a page that is everyone's cup of tea. As soon as you try to make your way inside of the page you will immediately be stopped with a big warning that demands that you say that you are at least 18 years old. Once you admit that you aren't a minor you are allowed to explore this world of literary filth.

Literotica is a free source for the sexiest erotic fantasy texts. It features stories that are absolutely original and they come from a wide variety of authors. However, if you are a writer yourself you may also submit your story to them, and if it makes the cut it will be uploaded to their page, which is great. They will offer you a massive selection of fantasies, and it's up to you to choose from them.

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