Site Review


Lush Stories is a website that’s just jam packed with interesting things to do. It’s very literally and adult social network as it has its own chats, forums, content, groups and so on. You can make your own free account and join the 350000 members who are already enjoying the website and all of its amazing features.

The main focus of the website are the stories on it. There are over 48000 stories on the website as of right now and new ones are being added every single day by the users. You can choose between 52 different categories including BDSM, lesbian, flash erotica, femdom, cheating, mature, reluctance, incest, hardcore, and masturbation. With so many categories to choose from you’ll be occupied for hours reading your favorite stories.

Other than normal stories, the site also features audio stories which you can listen to on the go. You can also look at the editor’s picks and eBooks as well as enter competitions with your own stories where you can win prizes. Other than this, you can check out our chatrooms where you can discuss different sexual subjects with other people. You can also communicate through forums and form your own communities.

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