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21footart - Home for fetish lovers.

Ever visited a site full of fine, sexy ladies ready to do anything even to the extent of taking you to cloud 9 with adequate and perfect video quality.21footart is the home of foot fetish—you could easily guess from the name. Going in, I found a little variety here and there but the central theme for every video I found on there is feet worship. This site features 100% gorgeous girls and guys; every single one of the actors is sexy. Those girls are probably models because every single video I watched features a hot chick (and I watched a lot). The list of models is displayed at the base of the homepage with their pictures. It seems every video features at least one of these models; no 3rd party videos on the site. All videos here are crisp and clear; HD only. It feels more like the site owners curate each content by themselves—the videos have this exotic erotic feel to them, and most of the fucking going on has a romantic undertone. If you’re looking for something rough, I’m afraid this might not be the place for you.

Should I get bothered on its quality?

No, don't be because there are 872 videos on the site as I type this review. However, I expect the number to increase astronomically in the coming month. One issue I had with the content is the seeming lack of diversity. Don’t get me wrong; these girls are smoking hot! But sometimes a man wants some BBW action too, just saying. Despite this, the pictures of the available content are very clean, and the acting was made beautifully. There’s no sloppiness or any amateur shit going on—just pros doing their job. Even if you’re not really into foot fetish, can make you change your mind. The execution is so classy, like for real, I didn’t know feet could turn me on that much. Also if you’re trying to spice up your sex, you should check this site out for new ideas. Most of the styles going on here are something you can practice safely—just cut your nails and wash your feet. (I don’t know about you, but I’m not sucking on smelly feet).The web interface is quite user-friendly, although while trying to log in, I had issues with the captcha. This could have been my internet issue though. To get a quick look-in on each video, you can place your mouse over it without clicking; the thumbnail shows a quick 5-second preview of the chosen video.
You may choose to like, dislike or comment on any video by clicking on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down button. I think people that put thumbs down on videos on this site are just being cynical. These videos are awesome. When you select a video, you want to watch; the site opens up to the page where you select what format you wish to stream or download. You can get HD videos up to 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 160p. Your selected video for download can be as large as 2GB and as low as 125MB, for the same video. There’s a size for everyone, just in case you do not have so much space on your device or your internet is not so fast.

Want to be part of the fun?

To watch the videos on this site, you need member access. Without this, you only get 12-second previews. There are different pricing tiers to choose from: There’s the 3-day trial that costs $2.95. This comes with streaming access only; you can’t download videos. I feel these guys have some balls on them—like the trial is not even free. I guess they can though, their content is pretty awesome. There are higher pricing levels like the one-month membership at $19.95 per month, payable only once. This subscription also comes with streaming only access. For both streaming and download access, there is the $29.95 monthly membership and the $7.95 per month yearly membership.21foot art is a subsidiary site in the 21naturals network. Navigating the site proved to be very easy; everything is just about a click or two away. Now, let’s not get carried away, let’s see one or two things about the technicalities of this site. The search option is easily accessible at the top right corner of your screen. One interesting thing about the search is that it goes through the whole network, not just 21footart. So if your search word or phrase is not found among the 872 videos on the site, you can be sure the search will cover other subsidiary sites in the network. The search results bring videos dated as far back as 2007. You can also filter the videos by category: you have more than 30 different categories. The categories are there to help you filter the videos you want to see.
You can also create a personalized cache of videos on the site via the favorite option. Once you add a video to your favorites, it is saved to your list so that you can easily access it without having to search all over again. This will be useful if you’re the type that has that one video they will love to watch over and over and your membership plan does not include the download option.

What's the catch?

The strongest point for me as far as is concerned is the pornstars; these guys and girls are gorgeous. All the girls there basically have cheerleader body types, and all the guys look like they go to the gym a lot. The site owners somehow managed to filter their pornstar list of not so fine people. Visiting the site and seeing the thumbnails alone feels expensive because the babes are premium. Another really good part of this site is the quality and flexibility in video resolution. offers the highest quality videos for users whose devices have the capacity for them. They also offer low-quality options for users with low-end devices or slower internet. With this kind of arrangement, you can be assured of value for your money.
Cheerleader-like Pornstars
Ultra clear videos
Video quality Flexibility
Not enough diversity

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