Site Review

Le Bon Fap

I’m not 100% sure what’s the magic behind Le Bon Fap, if any. This French porn site simply looks…invigorating! It’s an energetic, awesome porn site with multiple categories and excellent content. Featuring countless videos organized across all major and some minor categories, it has plenty of good and high quality content to keep you busy for several weeks! It also has a tag menu, comprehensive list of studios, list of porn stars and their very own blog which is regularly updated. They also have a link towards a sex shop and live cams, but those are separate sites.

The extent of their content is, how to put it? There’s a fuckload of it! Ranging from squirting and anal to PoV, face-sitting, casting couch and lingerie, there are plenty of both vanilla and fetish videos to keep you glued to the screen. Le Bon Fap also features a nice design and something I would call “happy theme” because somehow you feel happy whenever you visit it! Perhaps it’s because you become rock hard in seconds, perhaps it’s because there are so many videos, I don’t know. The important part is that it’s a great site that has a ton of free porn!

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