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Boy oh boy, so we’re here. A “beta” male will easily get off on the fact that he knows that he is sexually inferior when compared to many other men. But as such, a beta can get a female and he can even have kids with her, which isn’t uncommon in nature. However, being this aware of your inferiority can lead to some small complications and those just might include a horny muscular bull with a fat cock that makes his way inside your house and shoves his cock down your wives throat.

Now not all men will consider this to be a complication because as I said, they’re beta. They want this. You may get off to these videos if you don’t consider yourself to be a beta and you don’t lock your dick up inside a chastity cage, right? Exactly, you might believe that you’re a bull, so these will obviously be quite arousing to you as well.

Either way, a lot of men can find themselves in the videos at so it’s definitively worth checking out so you can find out in which role do you fit better. The hotwives are smoking hot, too.

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