Site Review

Max Cuckold is the perfect site for all people who get turned on by the thought of someone or themselves being cucked to immense proportions. On this site we can see countless videos of men being complete cucks and allowing their girlfriends and wives to be fucked by other men. The men are fine with this and usually they enjoy it. If the thought of this process excites you, then it might be the perfect time to give this genre a try. You can give this site a look, try out a few categories, and see which one suits you the best.

While we’re on the topic of categories, the site itself features quite a few to choose from. There’s femdom, teen, anal, blond, amateur, gangbang, or, milf, bi-sexual, and a special tab for all other categories which don’t fall into any of the aforementioned ones. These are just the categories which are listed in the top navigation pane though, but below that you have the complete list of categories and boy are there many categories to choose from. Not only is there a category for the ones you’re used to, but there are categories for every pornstar on the site.

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