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Babes Network – A Haven for Hot Babes

So far down the path I’ve seen porn sites for this and porn sites for that; I’ve seen vanilla and hard core, BDSM and fetish stuff sites. That’s why I was so relieved to check out Babes Network – not because I’m some kind of prude, but because it’s always good to come back to your roots! Babes Network is a premium paying site that features a ton of high quality porn with gorgeous girls and interesting guys; it’s a high class site that has a lot to offer, even to most-demanding porn fans. I’m happy to report to all of my troopers that the video quality on Babes Network (which is a part of a bigger network of sites) is stellar. I’m talking about full HD, crystal clear picture, no lags and not image jerking. This is a premium porn experience and you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Now, let us take a look at the amount of content. The number is just shy of one thousand videos – to be exact, there are 982 videos uploaded while I’m writing this, but I’m counting on them to make the counter go up in the near future. That’s still plenty of content; since this is a premium paying site, we’re talking about full-length scenes, not short clips or amateur porn videos. These are excellent, high profile porn scenes with gorgeous girls like Molly Stewart, Stella Raee or Zoe Bloom, to name a few. It’s enough content to watch it for around three years, providing that you go at a rate of one scene per day. Still, their update policy is where they shine: the latest update happened just a day ago, and they seem to be updating the site every 3-4 days. That means twice a week, folks, and that’s a pretty good rate. I’ve seen much bigger porn sites leaving their users dry but Babes Network isn’t that kind of site. So, in both categories – amount of content and updates – I simply have to give them straight As!

Let Us Get Technical for a Moment

Of course, I will not allow myself to be seduced by shiny videos and pretty girls – I’m here to give you an objective review! So, let’s check out the technical aspect of the site. Is it user friendly and where are all the search options? Well, I’m happy to report that things are going good in those areas as well. While it’s a sub-site of a larger network, it still has pretty good functionality. You get your regular search options: by release date, top rated, most viewed and title; you can also search videos by date uploaded (any time, this week, this month, this year), by site released (in this case only Babes) and by category. The categories (you need only click on the empty field) are pretty extensive and they are your friends when you want to find the most interesting videos and scenes. Overall, it’s a user-friendly interface which could be improved but gets the job done. Hovering with your mouse pointed will show you a short video preview; clicking on the video opens the main widow where the action is happening. Since this is a high class site, you’ll be feeling like you’re driving a Ferrari! You can adjust the video quality up to 1080p or lower it to 320p if you’re having technical difficulties. You can also like or dislike videos, put them in your favorites’ list or download them. There’s a cool description of the video and a list of all the categories it belongs to. Overall, it’s a very user friendly system and you won’t have any trouble finding your way.

As for the pricing – don’t worry, it won’t cost you and arm and a leg! The prices at Babes Network are pretty affordable and they’re at low end of the spectrum when it comes to all these premium sites. You can start with your usual 2 day trial membership which costs $1. That’s a great option and I love it when they offer it; it gives you a way to check the site out before making a decision, and then making an informed decision! Other membership options include 1 month membership for $29.99 (but there are a lot of seasonal discounts and you might want to check that out) or 3 month membership for $59.99 (that’s around $19.99 per month). If you’re really into the hottest babes on the planet, you might want to go for 12 month membership for $119.99 and that’s $9.99 per month. The payment options include major credit cards like Visa or Master, or you can pay with crypto currency. I have not explored that option, but it’s good to know it’s available. Members get unlimited streaming on all devices and perks like promotional videos, sneak peeks and whatnot. They’re also boasting with safe, secure and discreet payments and I have no reason to doubt them. Users can also download videos they really like – personally, I prefer to stream everything because my hard drives would soon be overflowing with too much porn, but to each his own!

What’s Their Strong Point?

Well, I have to admit that you won’t find hard core fetish stuff here, but this is still incredibly good site. It’s vanilla porn at its finest: hottest babes on the planet getting down and dirty, enjoying with their partners and showing their skills when the camera is rolling. High production values, high class porn – that’s the basic idea behind Babes Network. Sure, it’s a paying site but you can do the trial period and see if it gets you going. With basic but solid options and user friendly interface, plus their awesome update policy, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to become a member of Babes Network! It’s a fun site with almost a thousand porn scenes and each and every last one of them is great. I watched so many of them that I have to take a rest, and I’m recommending you to take the torch and check the site out!
high production values
regular updates
affordable price
basic search options

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