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Burp Fetish Forums

Burp Fetish Forums is a massive forum where lovers and fans of the burp fetish congregate to exchange photos, videos and other interesting content! It’s a great place for everyone who enjoys in burps and I have to say that I was surprise to run into such a well-organized forum for burping fans. The sections are mostly usual for any given forum: announcements and technical matters, dating and meeting for burp fetish fans, but it’s nice that they have male and female section. Bellies, BBW, burping contests, requests, celebrities burping, stories, natural burps, members’ media, 18+ content… That’s really a lot of content and you’d need at least a few days to go through everything. They have absolutely everything a burping fetish fan might ever need to feel right at home!

Their overall statistics are also good: they have more than 7500 total topics, more than 75 thousand posts and almost 7 thousand members! that’s a good number considering that burping fetish isn’t exactly as common as foot fetish. Other than that, the membership is completely free, it can be done within minutes and you can enjoy in all these burping videos, photos, sites and discussions whenever you feel like it!

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