Site Review


There are porn aggregators, and then there’s FUQ. I’ve never seen such an extensive category section, and I’m someone who’s hard to impress. Their selection ranges from plump teens and ponyplay to Chinese amateurs, Russian anal, machine fucking, Brazilian hot moms and so on. It’s difficult to decide where to start simply because they have so many content, but I’m sure we can all manage to find what we’re looking for. It also features new video section, most popular videos as well as sites from their own network where you can find some interesting stuff like VR. The design is polished and sleek, with easy to use navigation. In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll feel right at home!

They seem to be aggregating stuff from all major porn sites, and probably some sites outside of our realm of reality. How else could you explain dozens of thousands of videos in each section? The number at the moment of writing this review is around 46 millions (that’s not a typo. Actual millions) and going up. The best thing is that all the videos are watchable right there and you don’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy in your porn!

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