Site Review

Spicy Adventures promises good fun and a lot of sex – and it doesn’t disappoint! The site has a bevy of hot XXX adult games and a ton of 3D comics! They’re also hosting a nice collection of 2D (that is, regular) comics, plenty of erotic artwork to keep you busy and just the right amount of special offers and news. I loved their mix of news, reviews, pure porn and few ads – I experienced only one pop-up and their banners are pretty unobtrusive. In addition to popular comics, they do have a lot of lesser known works and fan works, but overall the quality is very good and they managed to impress me.

As for the games, what can I say? The games on their sites are excellent and kudos to their selection process. Short reviews are always followed by some screenshots and technical information: platforms, date of release, genres, size and languages and other important info. While this site doesn’t exactly have a ton of porn right there, it still has enough information to help you find the best erotic and sex games and a nice collection of porn comics, which should be more than enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

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