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Get ready for kinky foot play

There is one thing that I do most often to fulfill my erotic desires- which is watching quality porn. It always helped me shed stress that builds up through the days. And I found it quite a healthy practice when it comes to adding fuel to kinky desires. But like the connoisseur of fine wine, I’m also a connoisseur of porn, and I never leave a stone unturned when it comes to writing a review. And before I ended up with special feet force, I had a notion that only the encounter of pussy and cock can give one the ultimate erotic pleasure. But, I was compelled to change my opinion once I started reviewing sexual adventures with Special Feet Force. If you have a great love for fetish, then you would definitely like Special Feet Force– I am willing to bet my ass on this! Apart from kinky feet action, they have also brought in a wide range of Femdom stuff that includes Bondage, male and female submissive, bondage, strap on sex and more. Get ready to relish tender tootsies in action while you get your juices flowing. Unlike typical porn movies, they have shot the scenes not onlyin comfy home settings but mostly in different rough and tough settings. And this gives it the intense erotic sensation that you always tend to expect. The performers, are raunchy and expert in foot play and know how to turn their partner on. My kinky pleasure knew no bounds while watching babes performing with riding crops and sexy cat of nine tails. It just literally knocked my socks off giving me the most pleasurable sensations down there. If you are the ticklish person like me, then you would also feel something more than typical eroticism. Watching bare feet babes sliding all around while suddenly reaching the pleasure points is really tantalizing, and you cannot stop once you start. Most, but not all of the videos come with English subtitles which help in understanding the conversation among the performers. The models are sexy and have confidence in their action which reflects in each scene that you play. The babes all get dirty while their Mistress start fingering and fisting their pussy but when they are on the verge of cum, they cannot- without the permission of the Mistress! This is really worth every penny, and you got to agree with me as you start your erotic journey with Special Feet Force. The settings of the videos are pretty unique that gives you a bizarre German concentration camp feeling. In some of the scenes, innocent horny babes were tied up behind the bar in stable like places where she is given intense erotic treatment which she relishes thoroughly. Telling the stories would take all the fun out of it so why don’t you uncover the dark and dirty secrets of Special Feet Force all by yourself? Sooner, rather than later, the action will come to an end as there are only 8 videos. But the good news is the average length of the video is over 40 minutes which is pretty good. The quality of the video is full HD that lets you enjoy every minute detail. They have not updated for over months now but there are over 42 sites to get your wild side going. You would always find daily updates in some of the other sites. This is one of the brighter sides of special feet force that I appreciate the most.

Enjoy relentless browsing with user-friendly features

Along with content, there is another thing that plays a major role in the popularity of a porn site which, of course, are its features. Yes, features either make or break a porn site. But here, at special feet force, I found the website rather entertaining with useful features and unique content. The menu bar comes with all the essential features that stand out vividly against a dark background. Using the basic search options you can easily find the movie or pictures you are looking for. There are not any advanced search options provided though. Every movie comes with tags and descriptions and this is helpful to know more about the movies before you steam or download those for real. On hovering over the scene thumbnail you can catch a glimpse of the movie clips. And this also helps you in deciding whether to watch or skip the movie. Keeping track on your favorite movies or leaving comments in the comment box is pretty simple. If you wish to know more about the models, just click on the model index. Check the stats, bios or the list of their performances. There is plenty of stuff to get going with Special Feet Force. In short, the site provides all the essential features to experience hassle-free browsing.

Affordable prices that suit every budget – soft to moderate

If you are a person like me who wishes to make sure about the service first before going for long-term membership then you must choose the one month’s plan that would cost you just $14.95 after a 50% discount. But for those who wish to go for 365 days’ plan, you can pay $149.95 and enjoy uninterrupted streaming and download. At $29.95 you can have unlimited access for 3 months. Those who like to opt for 2 days’ trial option may pay just a dollar.

In conclusion, I’d say: Give it a try, fellows!

If you have a soft corner for hardcore erotic movies which showcases offbeat stuff, then be delighted to find Special Feet Force. Yes, get ready to experience a completely different kinky game ranging from foot play, bondage, and strap on lesbian sex. Every scene is shot under different settings that give you an intense feeling of sexual desire that you always expected. The videos come with English subtitles, in most cases, so you would find it easy to understand. But the action is worth appreciating with the kinky encounter between Mistress and her female Sub. One of the downsides is the number of videos which is very few and the update is not happening either. But, luckily you get access to over 42 sites, which is satisfactory enough to get you going. Picture quality is Full-HD with an average length of over 40 minutes is good. I’d definitely recommend special feet force even though it has limited but excellent scenes. What’s more in store are the 42 free sites!
Good quality erotic porn
Unique action
HD quality streaming and downloads

Few movies

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