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Welcome to wizzporn! A porn tube that is like a wizard, you click and magic will happen, porn videos will be showing up out of the blue. It would be like that in an imaginary perfect world, but in reality when you click a thumbnail expecting to watch a porn video with hot chicks ridding cocks or sucking until the end, all you gonna get is a big picture from the video and nothing about the video.

When you click a thumbnail a new page will open with a big pic from the video, a title, a description, tags, categories, number of views and a link to another site. Well I am a little bit disappointed with this. Wizzporn had so much potential and they are doing it all wrong. But wait, those video are working, but not for the users using adblock plus, which are a lot by the way. Imagine the amount of people going away because there are no videos playing! The quality of the videos is pretty good and there are plenty of them. You can refine your videos using the search box or using the categories, porn channels or A to Z porn star list.

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