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If you’re looking for some real-life action between actual couples banging it out and posting it on the internet, then is the website for you. It has a thriving and strong community. Above all, it’s quite active. The website has a nice design and a nice feature is the video preview you get when you hover over the video thumbnail with your cursor. A small clip plays instead of a few static images. It’s quite easy to navigate it, too. At the bottom of the page, there is a neat page browser marker with numbers zero to nine. By using it you get to see 25 vids per a page. When I say this, I’m only counting the regular videos.

Naturally, right above them, there is a tab with 10 of the suggested vids that you should definitively check out, but ultimately, the choice is yours. Signing up is pretty simple, too. And if you ever want to go a little bit “deeper”, you can always go for the premium videos. It’s safe and easy to join, and if you really don’t feel like wasting money, you can get the one-day trial membership, and it costs only a dollar.

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