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Why does the idea of someone's girlfriend getting fucked hard as fuck by a bunch of random people get people off so much? Honestly, we will never get an answer to this question, or maybe we already have it? I mean sure, it's degradation. But not every video in here is like that. You get to see gorgeous girlfriends having casual one on one sex with partners they probably love, and sometimes they include their female friends in the act of sex to spice the entire situation up.

Now that we've talked about all the content in here we should talk about the design of the page since it surely deserves some attention, does it not? First off, you'll notice that we have a grey background in here and on top of it you get a lot of thumbnails scattered all over the place and these have been sorted out into various sections, such as the "popular girlfriends videos" section and the "new videos" section. I don't have to explain what kind of content you can find in these sections since the names pretty much explain the entire thing. Also, the videos play a little preview if you hover above the thumbnails with your cursor.

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