Site Review

Tube Kitty

Tube Kitty has all kinds of hot fetish and vanilla videos! It’s a free tube site where you can find a ton of different categories – their content ranges from Japanese and French sex to HD videos, fauxcest, college and MILFs. Of course, you can also find something more, say, exotic, like Egyptian sex, Brazilian porn, Korean scenes, Pakistani and Turkish videos, brutal sex scenes or Indonesian and Indian amateur shots. The site is quite diverse and has all kinds of various videos, and I really enjoyed exploring every corner and finding more and more interesting videos.

The navigation is very simple and user-friendly; you have Home, Categories, Search and that’s about it. The only thing I did not like is the constant appearance of pop-ups. Practically every time you click on something a pop-up will appeal and that can be hugely annoying. That can be settled with one mouse click, but still. The vids have a nice category system and there is some technical information – you can even leave comments, but users cannot register even if they wanted to. It’s still a pretty good lightweight fetish tube where you can find all kinds of ethnic and national porn scenes; it’s not exactly mainstream but they do have a lot of the good stuff.

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