Site Review

Pornhammer looks good. If you keep me as an expert when it comes to porn websites, then you need to understand that I know a good-looking template when I see one. And PornHammer is among the tubes that indeed have sex-appeal. With pretty dark colors and a wide main page, this website is ready to receive visitors that are searching for good porn on a nice platform.

Top rated clips will be the first to be seen. Underneath they will continue with the ones added lately and if you will scroll, you will reach the footer that has pages and some descriptions of the website. If you are not shy, use the menu that can be found in the header: top rated, longest, mobile version and more. Also there, you will see the categories: amateur, anal, ass, babes, big dick, big tits and so many more. These can be seen on a drop down meny. For full detailed list, click on the button. Do your searches above this menu. will not give you something extraordinary, but it will do it’s job pretty well. And when you can see all these clips without problems, why wouldn’t you bookmark it, ha?

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