Site Review

Fap Curators

After I got past the age warning, I discovered that FAP Curators is an excellent porn site. It has a little bit of everything: some hard core stuff, a lot of fetish porn videos and even some vanilla (but rough) content. It also features a ton of gonzo porn and you can really expect enjoyment and pleasure when you’re visiting. It has a nice, bright design and just enough options to help you navigate. The useful menus are on the right and on the left you’ll see tags and interesting links towards other sites. There’s also a French version of the site in addition to the main English one.

While this isn’t exactly you average porn site (it’s more like a high class aggregator of other companies’ porn) it’s still extremely good. I mean, porn including dinosaurs? That’s definitely something new. If you’re expecting female domination, pegging, strap-ons, guys getting fucked, you would be completely right. The site doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the good stuff and you can enjoy in all of this for free. It’s all in the site name, really – “curators” stands for their mission to gather and save as many hot fetish videos as possible, and they’re doing a marvelous job.

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