Site Review


I think that the concept of fake cab (or fake hospital, fake driving school) is a very intriguing – it only adds the flare and excitement! Well, Fake Cab is just one such site, and while you might think it’s dedicated exclusively to the fake cab concept, it in fact isn’t. It is dedicated to the whole fake-something porn style, with other networked sites serving as hubs for other concept. Why Fake Cab displays so much fake hospital videos is beyond me, but I’m certainly not the one to complain about it. The site has a gorgeous, if simple, design and features a lot of videos involving fake hospital exam concepts.

The girls and mature ladies are either gorgeous, or insatiable, or both! It’s always nice to see people enjoying in their bodies and having fun, and these participants really seem to be enjoying themselves; the flow is natural and everything is very casual and relaxed. Oh, have I forgot to mention that the site is free to use? So, to sum it all up: free site, filled with porn videos, all of which are based on “fake” concept of something (taxi, hospital, police and others) – sounds like loads of fun!

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