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Fetish Tube


The name of the domain speaks for itself. The word extreme says it all and when you will enter the homepage, you will see their categories. Let me share with you their weirdest ones, that can cover the extreme niche: pissing, forced, brutal, bizarre, gagging, cruel, rough, muscle and others. Everything is free and you will have a streaming for videos.

The navigation bar has option from where you can see videos based on duration, based on number of views or based on date. This website has a different bevahior. For example, when you will choose the category that you want to see and when you will push on it, a different window will open. Same for the thumbnails of videos. I just remembered – you will not have any preview on the screen captions. Only a title and the number of views.

They don’t host their own content. All players are embed. Underneath, you will have tags that you can push on. If you are into this niche, enter ExtremeTubeMovies. Be aware, you’ll have to surf between ads in order to understand where to click. Everything looks the same and sometimes I think that they are trying to trick you.

NOTE: changed in a site full of ads and dead videos, so we’ve pulled the links. Try one of the other sites from our list instead!

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