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Thecuckoldadvisor is a blog full of beautiful asses and gorgeous women. There’re numerous subjects these guys on discuss of but they are all pretty interesting. There is also some video material which is, by the way, completely free to watch, and a ton of very interesting stories, whether fantasy or real life experience.

You can easily follow them on thumblr by clicking the “follow” button and never miss a post again. This blog explores the topic of interracial sex, cuckolding, black men and white women, as well as any other random thoughts the author of this blog may have on virtually any topic. It’s pretty fun to follow this guy, so treat yourself with a good author and make your days more interesting.

The thing that is cool about this blog is that you can also submit your own story or any opinion on any matter and share it with the rest of the world if the owner of the blog has nothing against it. There’s endless columns filled with a bunch of text, it’s a really fun way to kill some time and learn about new stuff in the meantime. Check this blog out, you won’t regret it.

NOTE: thecuckoldadvisor.tumblr is down, so we’re linking to a great cuckold alternative: Cuckold Sessions!

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