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Porn Elephant is a porn forum with over two thousand users! Here, you can create your own account to share your favorite clips, movies, pics and stuff about porn that you all like so much! It has numerous options and sponsored sites that you can move on to and if you are searching for some rare clips or porn stars, you will most definitely find it all here. Once you enter this porn forum, you will notice the usual options on your upper left side, offering you sections like Home, Search, Tags, Login and Register!

The navigation is quite easy as the homepage is done really good and is well organized. Right underneath the home bar, you have an option of Icamz, where you can watch sexy babes and their shows and under it, there is a list of recent topics, where you can see what is the most discussed theme of today!

The main page is done in a normal manner with sections from the top to the bottom and here you can introduce yourself, read the rules, visit the general porn area, kinky fetishes and see who the top posters are. Check Porn Elephant out for sure.

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